RICE is all about having fun - and adding that extra magic to your everyday… about fun, funkiness & functionality! But we do work with our hearts as well…

We believe that it is our duty to make an effort in helping to create a brighter future both at home as well as in developing countries where hardship and poverty are everyday life… and with our ethical approach to doing business, we believe that we can make a difference.

Since the very first beginning of RICE, Corporate Social Responsibility has been a vital part of the RICE DNA. Our ESG policy is a two-legged one, where one leg centers around the labor conditions in those countries, where our production takes place, and the other one around the allocation of funds to social projects in developing countries – or other projects, whose purpose is to help people in need.

Socially responsible work place

The first leg in our ESG policy deals with labor conditions. At RICE, it is very important to us that all of our products are produced with respect for the people that handle them. Most of our products are produced by workers in developing countries, and therefore we make sure that the production – from beginning to end – is handled with the utmost respect for human rights, under safe and healthy working conditions, and without the use of child labor. We choose suppliers, who live up to our ethical standards - and with the use of internationally renowned guidelines, we help them further to improve their working conditions.

To do this the best possible way, we use several different tool-sets and guides. We support the UN initiative, Global Compact, the CSR-Compass, and we make use of the SA8000 standard as a guide. These tools are all ethical tool sets that focus on human rights and working conditions. The purpose of these tools is to promote a socially responsible business behavior. All of above has been written into our RICE Code of Conduct. 

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“No one can help everyone,
but everyone can help someone”

The second leg in our ethical approach to doing business deals with the allocation of funds to different social projects. We take an active part in different developing projects around the world that all support people in need or somewhat in crisis. We cooperate with different organizations on creating viable and socially responsible developments both at home as well as in developing countries (Read more about our social projects here).

We take pride in supporting social projects that focus on helping families and children in need of extra help - or projects created with the purpose of supporting people in the midst of war or other crisis areas around the world. We do this because we strongly believe that

”No one can help everyone,
but everyone can help someone”...