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    Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle - Pink - Sweet Cake Print
    229,95 kr
    Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle - Soft Blue - Good Luck Print
    229,95 kr
    Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle - Dusty Blue - New Dino Print
    229,95 kr
    Plastic Drinking Bottle - Blue - Sweet Jungle Print
    89,95 kr
    Plastic Drinking Bottle - Soft Pink - Sweet Jungle Print
    89,95 kr
    Plastic Drinking Bottle - Pink - Sweet Cake Print
    99,95 kr
    Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle - Soft Pink - Pink Cars Print
    229,95 kr
    Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle - Soft Blue - Cars Print
    229,95 kr
    Plastic Drinking Bottle - Soft Blue - Flying Pig Print
    89,95 kr
    Plastic Drinking Bottle - Blue - Galaxy Print
    89,95 kr
    Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle - Multicolor - Figs In Love Print
    229,95 kr
    Plastic Drinking Bottle - Soft Blue - Skate Print
    99,95 kr
    Plastic Drinking Bottle - Soft Pink - Skate Print
    99,95 kr
    Plastic Drinking Bottle - Brown - Farm Print
    89,95 kr
    Plastic Drinking Bottle - Blue - Car Print
    99,95 kr
    Plastic Drinking Bottle - Dark Blue - Shark Print
    99,95 kr
    Plastic Drinking Bottle - Pink - Kiss Print
    75,90 kr

    The vibrant universe of RICE kids drinking bottles 

    Water is super important; there's no question about it. Your little ones need it, whether they're at school, playing sports, or on an adventure.  

    Good news: our kids drinking bottle make it easy to stay hydrated. In RICE's funky collection, you can find a cool plastic kids water bottle and a kids stainless steel water bottle. 

    Trust us, these aren't the ordinary, average drinking bottles for kids. With their fun prints, lovely colors, and sleek shapes, they're set to become your kids' new best friends for sipping on the go. 

    So go ahead, grab one or two for the kids - and maybe one for yourself as well - and keep the thirst away! 

    Safety comes first with our drinking bottle for kids 

    Your little one's well-being and safety are your top concerns, right? Especially when it comes to what your kids are eating or sipping from. We're right there with you. That's why we're always investing time and effort to keep up with the latest safety guidelines. 

    In practice, that means our kids' water bottle is made with the highest-quality plastic that's totally free from bisphenol A (BPA-free) and phthalates. Yep, you read that right. Each children's water bottle we offer is tested to meet Danish and EU food safety standards. 

    You can breathe easy when you choose our plastic water bottle for kids; it's free from harmful materials. 

    Super practical water bottle for kids from RICE 

    Let's talk practicality now! Our kids water bottles come with sturdy, secure lids that won't let a drop escape. Some even feature a convenient pop-up straw for easy sipping. 

    These drinking water bottles for kids can hold a solid 500 ml of water and are designed with little hands and fingers in mind. So, they're easy for kids to grip. 

    Washing them is also pretty easy. Most of our children's water bottles are dishwasher-safe and can also be popped into the freezer. 

    And let's not forget mealtime sips - our tableware cups are just as cute and practical as these drinking bottles. The cherry on top? Many of our tableware cups come in the same fun prints as our water bottles, so you can snag the perfect matching set for your little one! 

    Irresistibly cute designs your kids will love 

    In RICE funky collection, you'll find a drinking water bottle for kids that's as unique as your little one. That's right - our kids water bottles come in prints that will make your little ones say, 'Wow!' 

    And, we have a print for every child's taste. Got a little car enthusiast at home? We've got you covered with a children's water bottle featuring a cute car print. How about a space explorer dreaming of galaxies far, far away? Yep, we've got that cool galaxy print too. Little adventurers will love our skateboard and roller skate prints, while junior nature enthusiasts will adore our funky jungle and animal prints. Let's not forget just how super cute a flying pig print is - it's a total heart-stealer!  

    These fab water bottles for kids aren't just about the prints. We've also got them in see-through styles, as well as in lovely colors like soft pink, blue, and green. Even the lids are color-coordinated for that extra flair. 

    So, yes, these children's water bottles are not just practical, they're also eye candy. Sipping water on the go is super fun and enjoyable with kids drinking bottle from RICE. 

    Oh, and by the way, when those little tummies get hungry, our stoneware oven-proof dishes make it super easy to whip up delicious lasagna, pie, mac and cheese and more for the whole family. Make hydration and mealtime a total joy! 

    The durability and funkiness of our kids' stainless steel water bottles 

    Alongside our funky plastic water bottles, we've also got kids stainless steel water bottles that are equally adorable. Made with high-quality stainless steel, these bottles are as sturdy and durable as you'd expect from the material. 

    Our children's stainless steel water bottle can keep the hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours. So go ahead, pack that warm tea of cocoa for your little ones to enjoy on those chilly outings. Plus, these bottles will keep the water nicely cold for a whopping 24 hours. 

    Design-wise, we're talking full-on fabulousness. Just like our plastic range, these kids stainless steel water bottles come in an array of awesome prints. Think lovely flower and car designs, to the super unique "figs in love" print and smiley print, reminding you and your kids to take the time to smile. 

    Handling them is a breeze. They're lightweight, perfectly sized for small hands, and come with these super cool, color-pop lids featuring a handy string. Hang it on a backpack, sling it on a bike - staying hydrated has never been this convenient or this funky. 

    So, whether you're shopping for your children or you're just a kid at heart, our kids drinking bottle in both stainless steel and plastic is the perfect companion for staying refreshed on the go. Trust us, it's quenching your thirst in unique and funky RICE style! 

    What's the safest plastic for a children's water bottle? 

    Look for bottles that meet food safety standards and are free from harmful chemicals like phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA). Always check the product specifications for safety information. 

    Is a stainless steel bottle good for kids? 

    Yes, a stainless steel bottle is an excellent choice for a kid. It is made from non-toxic material that won't release harmful substances, is BPA-free, durable, and can keep a liquid hot or cold for extended periods. 

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