RICE is a Danish interior design and accessories company, known for colorful melamine, handmade baskets, lovely storage - items for living room, kitchen and kids room - all in happy colors and everything you need for your everyday life.

The RICE universe is filled with vibrant, homely items that are funky yet down-to-earth and super practical. The designs are made with a joyful spirit and with lots of attention to detail. Down to the core, RICE is all about fun, funkiness and functionality…

More about RICE

RICE was founded in 1998 by Charlotte and Philippe Guéniau - they wanted to wrap the world in color – a success that just keeps on going.

The idea of RICE was under construction for a while... after living 15 years in Paris, Charlotte and Philippe wanted to make changes to their lives. Both of them had great jobs, but they felt the need to slow down, enjoy a quieter lifestyle, but still explore new adventures.

During a lunch in the French countryside with Charlotte’s old friend from school, Charlotte and Philippe decided to try selling a few colorful items in Copenhagen… One of the very first items was a raffia bag made in Madagascar – the raffia bag that is today one of our signature items. The sale surpassed all expectations and demand for the raffia went sky-high. Because of the high demand, Charlotte and Philippe had to ration the bags, and shortly hereafter, the couple extended the assortment to include colorful melamine cups, cushions and candle holders.

From heron on, the company grew and kept adding new designs and items to the product line… The drive was a wish to “color you happy” and bring color to homes all over the world, and the key words were “fun”, “funkiness” and “functionality.”

These words are still down to the core of what we stand for. Today RICE distributes colorful items to about 45 countries - the RICE designs are made with a modern feel and with lots of details…

At RICE we want to color you happy and bring color to your home!

The RICE mission is to add that extra something to the ordinary – coloring your everyday with happiness and fun – whether you are cooking, cleaning, or just relaxing in your home… we are not afraid to be unique, and we like to add that extra twist… This has been our mission from the very beginning of our company history…

The RICE universe is full of fun, funkiness and functionality, and we work with our hearts as well – therefore we are very proud that our ESG focus started more than 15 years ago.

A large part of our production takes place in developing countries, and we make sure to follow international guidelines for handling a production.

Moreover, every year RICE takes an active part in social projects and relief work all over the world. We make it our mission to do business with a heart and to add an extra something in every aspect of the world. Social responsibility is a part of the RICE DNA – we believe in a better world and we are working hard to make a difference - a focus that has been with us since the very beginning of our company history… 

(Read more about our ESG here)

Founder and Creative Director, Charlotte Guéniau has always had a passion for food and a dream to open up a café.

Already in 2001, she wrote her very first cookbook, and over the years three more followed. With a large selection of recipes, the dream of opening up a café was now much bigger, and in 2014, a dream came true when RICE expanded the adventure by adding a baby sister to the family - the very first RICETERIA by RICE in Odense - a combined RICE shop and café.

The café was instantly a success and already in the fall of 2015, RICETERIA by RICE Stuttgart saw the light of day… The RICETERIA concept has now been made a franchise, and our dream is to open up new RICETERIAs all over EUROPE serving funky food on colorful RICE products. 

(Learn more about the RICETERIA here)

We wish to color you happy - And we welcome everyone that wants to join us in this mission...

Please enjoy our colorful universe
– and have a RICE day!


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