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    Extra Small Square Ceramic Oven Dish - Dark Coral
    249,95 kr
    Extra Small Square Ceramic Oven Dish - Mint
    249,95 kr
    Small Round Ceramic Oven Dish - Brown
    239,95 kr
    Large Round Ceramic Oven Dish - Purple
    349,95 kr
    Large Round Ceramic Oven Dish - Brown
    349,95 kr
    Medium Rectangular Ceramic Oven Dish - Purple
    349,95 kr
    Medium Rectangular Ceramic Oven Dish - Brown
    349,95 kr
    Large Rectangular Ceramic Oven Dish - Purple
    449,95 kr
    Large Rectangular Ceramic Oven Dish - Brown
    449,95 kr
    Large Round Ceramic Oven Dish - Neon Green
    349,95 kr
    Large Rectangular Ceramic Oven Dish - Neon Green
    449,95 kr
    Large Rectangular Ceramic Oven Dish - Pink
    449,95 kr

    Easy and fun cooking with our ovenproof dishes 

    Say goodbye to boring meals and hello to a world of culinary creativity with our stoneware oven dishes! These oven dishes are more than adorable; they're total showstoppers with colors and design shapes so fabulous that you'll want to bring them right from the oven to the table. 

    Great for baking a quick Italian frittata for breakfast. Ideal for serving creamy macaroni and cheese at lunch. And when you crave something sweet? It's perfect for making chocolate bread pudding.  

    With our ovenproof dish, you're all set for a tasty gourmet adventure in your kitchen.

    RICE stoneware oven dishes: The perfect blend of quality and convenience 

    Our stoneware oven dishes are an excellent choice for any kitchen.  

    Why? First off, stoneware is super durable. It's fired at high temperatures, making it perfect for oven use. Cleanup couldn't be easier, especially since this ovenproof dish is also dishwasher-friendly. Need to stash some leftovers? Go ahead, pop these dishes in the freezer.  

    For those times when you need to bring leftovers or freshly-prepared meals to work, or pack a lunch for your kids to take to school, our super-cute lunch boxes come in very handy. Plus, with these drinking bottles in many different adorable prints, you will have a full lunch kit. 

    On the safety side, you can trust that our oven dishes meet all food safety standards. With our stoneware oven dishes, you're not just getting quality and safety; you're also bringing some funky flair into your kitchen. 

    So go ahead, grab your recipe book and ingredients, and whip up some fabulous meals for the whole family. Whether you're making a juicy roast chicken with veggies, or the ever-classic lasagna, you can count on our ovenproof dishes to get the job done right. 

    A couple of quick tips, though. Please avoid setting the oven above 240 degrees Celsius, and if you're taking the dish from the freezer, allow it some time to come to room temperature before placing it in the oven. Be mindful that thermal shock can cause the dish to break. 

    All in all, these convenient ovenproof dishes are your reliable kitchen sidekicks.  

    So many options, so much to love! 

    If you're on the hunt for a stoneware oven dish that's as stylish as it is reliable, look no further than the RICE collection. And, thanks to our diverse selection of colors, shapes, and sizes, you can pick the ideal stoneware oven dish to match your unique tastes and requirements. 

    Picture your kitchen cabinet filled with a whole range of eye-catching colors.  

    Consider a light, delicate soft pink that's as lovely as a summer rose in the garden. Add a dash of refreshing pastel mint to evoke that springtime feel. A stoneware oven dish in a trendy lavender color will be the ultra-chic star of your kitchen. Capture the funky essence of a lively party with a splash of neon green that's bound to catch everyone's eye. If you're after a timeless, sweet-home feel, choose a rustic chocolate brown. For a luxurious touch, opt for a royal purple color. 

    It's like bringing a rainbow into your kitchen with our ovenproof dishes! Plus, when you serve colorful pasta and vegetable salad in these dishes, you'll get a funky explosion of colors at your table. Yummy in every sense! 

    When it comes to shapes, we've got your back! Fancy a round oven dish for that classic, cozy vibe? We've got it. More of a rectangular oven dish fan? We have the ones without and with handles for that extra sprinkle of charm and a no-fuss transfer from oven to table. 

    Wondering about sizes? You have multiple options to choose from, whether you need a large, medium, or small oven dish. 

    These stoneware oven dishes are not just functional; they're your kitchen's fashion statement. It's not just cooking; it's an experience wrapped in luxury, plus funkiness.

    Our stoneware pie dish: A baker's best friend 

    The world of pies is so delicious! Think of an all-time classic apple pie, sprinkled with cinnamon, especially comforting on those cold winter days. Imagine a springtime strawberry pie that's pure delight. Picture a refreshing peach pie for sizzling summer days. Then, there is a pumpkin pie that adds sunshine in autumn time. More of a savory fan? How about a meat or vegetable pie?  

    Feeling your stomach rumble from all these descriptions? Ours too! And we have the right solution! We've got the perfect stoneware pie dish to make all your pie dreams come true, complete with crispy crusts and juicy fillings. 

    Stoneware oven dish is a great choice when it comes to baking pies, and here's why: it retains heat incredibly well. That means once it's hot, it stays hot, ensuring that your pie bakes evenly from the edges to the center. The material is also great at distributing heat, so no more worrying about those dreaded soggy bottoms. You will get a nice golden-brown crust, crisp texture, and bubbling filling. 

    Oh, the possibilities! We have a lovely collection of stoneware pie dishes, each designed to make your baking adventures a piece of, well, pie!  

    Take a peek at our classic round oven dish, complete with those irresistible wavy edges. It will be love at first sight! It's not just eye-candy, though. This ovenproof dish is strong, sturdy, and born to bake. Whether you're planning a sweet pie for two with our small oven dish or feeding a pie-hungry family with our large oven dish, we've got the just-right stoneware pie dish for you. Come find your match!

    What are the advantages of stoneware oven dishes? 

    Stoneware oven dishes excel in retaining heat, distributing it uniformly, and ensuring efficient cooking while being durable. They're also versatile, being safe for the oven, freezer, and dishwasher. 

    What temperature can stoneware go in the oven? 

    Stoneware can safely be used in the oven at temperatures up to 240 degrees Celsius. Make sure to avoid thermal shock by letting the dish come to room temperature before heating. 

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