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    Square Cotton Cushion - White
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    Square Cotton Cushion - Pink
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    Large Rectangular Cotton Cushion - Soft Pink
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    Large Rectangular Cotton Cushion - White
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    Cotton Chair Cushion - Multicolor
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    Large Velvet Cushion - Blue
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    Large Velvet Cushion - Yellow
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    Experience the Magical Allure of RICE Cushions!

    Is your living room, bedroom or patio crying out for a touch of joy, comfort and personal style? A fabulously fun way to elevate the charm of your home is by introducing RICE cushions, more specifically, funky cushions. These enchanting throw pillows are not just about comfort; they encapsulate style and personality, injecting life into every corner of your living space. But what's the secret behind these irresistible cushions? Let's dive into the wonderful world of funky RICE cushions and discover the magic!

    Joy, comfort, and style

    Prepare to be captivated by our funky velvet cushions. They're the epitome of soft, cozy, and yes, downright funky! Their luxurious velvet material exudes a unique, sophisticated charm, transforming your ordinary couch into an inviting paradise. These plush gems provide a perfect balance between style and comfort. Just imagine sinking into a cloud-like cushion after a long day—bliss!

    Tranquility and elegance inspired by the ocean

    Our blue velvet cushions deserve a special mention. Picture the deep, rich tones of the ocean, captured in a cushion. Sounds dreamy, right? These funky cushions are just that—a dream come true for lovers of vibrant, classy decor. They stand out gorgeously on any sofa, chair, or even bed, giving off an air of tranquillity and elegance. Each time you lounge on these fun and funky cushions, you'll be transported to a serene beach, waves lapping at your feet.

    Pink playful vibrancy for any space

    If a pop of color is what you're after, the pink velvet cushions are just the ticket. Radiating a playful, vibrant vibe, they work like magic in livening up any space. They're soft, they're chic, they're undeniably funky. From minimalist modern to bohemian chic, these cushions can complement any design aesthetic effortlessly.

    Rectangular velvet cushions transforming your home

    For those seeking a unique touch, our rectangular velvet cushions are perfect. The unconventional shape adds a dash of quirkiness, sprucing up your interior decor like never before. Place them on your favorite sofa or your cozy reading nook, and watch as they transform your space into a comfy haven.

    Patterned velvet cushions are a delight!

    Our patterned velvet cushions are visual delights! Packed with vibrant, colorful patterns, they are the epitome of funky style. Stripes, florals, geometrics - you name it, we've got it. They add a layer of texture and depth to any room, and are perfect for mixing and matching. Try pairing them with our range of blankets and quilts for an eclectic, cozy setting that oozes RICE style.

    And guess what? Velvet cushions for the sofa have never been this exciting! Funky, fun, and feather-soft, these cushions make every couch look inviting. Whether it's a movie night, a lazy afternoon read, or a cozy chat over coffee, these cushions ensure every moment is a comfy, stylish one.

    Funky cushions, be it funky velvet cushions, blue velvet cushions, pink velvet cushions, rectangular velvet cushions or patterned velvet cushions, can all be a unique expression of your style. We give you the opportunity to turn your house into a home, one cushion at a time. So go ahead and indulge in these cushions that scream style, comfort, and all things funky!

    Multi practical magic: RICE cushions that do more

    It is also fair to say they are not just about style and comfort. These cushions shine with a striking multi practical nature that makes them a delight in every home. Imagine a rectangular velvet cushion doing double duty: one moment it's providing extra comfort to your hardwood chair, the next, it's a plush mat for a rejuvenating meditation session on your floor. 

    So what is the verdict about our funky velvet cushions? They're not just lovely additions to your living room or bedroom, but they can transform your reading corner into a snug, inviting haven, inviting you to settle in with your favorite novel.

    And our blue velvet cushions and pink velvet cushions are real game-changers. They easily transition from your interior to your exterior decor, adding a splash of color and comfort to your patio furniture. The outdoor setting never looked this inviting and cozy! 

    Vibrant delights for mixing and matching

    RICE cushions and storage baskets pair delightfully! Think patterned velvet cushions nestled in a charming basket next to your sofa adorned with funky velvet cushions. Or a basket peeping with blue or pink velvet cushions, adding color and charm to any corner. This practical duo keeps your space clutter-free while enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

    As for marrying RICE cushions with furniture and melamine cups and mugs, it's a match made in heaven. Place rectangular velvet cushions on a window seat, creating a comfy perch for enjoying your coffee from a vibrant melamine mug. Or, imagine a casual afternoon tea session with friends, lounging on a sofa strewn with patterned velvet cushions, each holding a funky melamine mug. This fusion of cushions, furniture, and melamine tableware brings an unmistakably fun and vibrant RICE style to your living space. Enjoy this fabulous blend of comfort, style, and practicality!

    Are RICE cushions suitable for outdoor use?

    While RICE cushions are primarily designed for indoor use, they can certainly be enjoyed in covered outdoor areas such as a patio or screened porch. However, it is important to protect them from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

    Can I wash my RICE cushions?

    Yes, most RICE cushions can be washed; however, it is important to check the care instructions specific to each cushion. Many of our cushions feature removable covers that can be machine washed or hand washed for easy maintenance.

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