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    Acrylic Tumbler - Clear
    75,95 kr
    Acrylic Wine Glass - Peach
    95,95 kr
    Acrylic Wine Glass - Clear
    95,95 kr
    Acrylic Wine Glass - Mint
    95,95 kr
    Acrylic Tumbler - Mint
    75,95 kr
    Acrylic Wine Glass - Blue
    95,95 kr
    Acrylic Tumbler - Blue
    75,95 kr
    Acrylic Tumbler - Peach
    75,95 kr
    Acrylic Jug - Clear
    219,95 kr
    Acrylic Champagne Glass - Mint
    69,95 kr
    Acrylic Champagne Glass - Clear
    69,95 kr
    Acrylic Champagne Glass - Pink
    69,95 kr
    Acrylic Wine Glass - Clear
    69,95 kr
    Acrylic Wine Glass - Mint
    69,95 kr
    Acrylic Wine Glass - Pink
    69,95 kr
    Acrylic Tumbler - Clear
    69,95 kr
    Acrylic Tumbler - Mint
    69,95 kr
    Acrylic Tumbler - Pink
    69,95 kr

    Elevate your table with RICE fashionable and durable acrylic glassware! 

    Unleash your inner party planner with our super-stylish acrylic glasses! These fantastic acrylic gems are the ultimate table-setting must-have, boasting strength, longevity, and a practical touch for both indoor and outdoor use. 

    Whether you're chilling in the backyard or hosting a lovely dinner party, these fabulous acrylic glassware pieces have got you covered. 

    Acrylic cups are also freezer-friendly and can handle temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius - perfect for food and drinks. While they're dishwasher-safe, we recommend giving them a gentle hand wash to maintain their stunning crystal look. 

    Add a dash of funky elegance to your table with our carefully curated color options: enchanting blue mint, vibrant pink, and the ever-classic clear. Each hue brings its own unique flair: the blue mint whispers of serene ocean vibes, the pink playfully dazzles like a bubblegum dream, and the timeless clear offers a sophisticated touch to any setting. 

    Tailor your table with our small and medium-sized acrylic glasses to meet your every need. Let RICE acrylic glassware elevate your gatherings, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. 

    Enjoy refreshing drinks with our vibrant acrylic drinking glasses 

    Step up your hosting game with RICE eclectic acrylic drinking glasses, perfect for parties, casual get-togethers, and daily use! These versatile glasses are ideal for both kids and adults, transforming each moment into a vibrant festivity. 

    Our acrylic cups boast the appearance of glass while offering a lightweight feel and extended durability, which is highly appealing and functional. 

    Make your child's birthday bash a hit with our playful blue and pink acrylic drinking glasses. Effortlessly serve lemonade, iced tea, fruit juices, and other delightful beverages at kids' parties without a worry - these acrylic glasses are super strong, practical and completely safe. 

    Don't forget about the grown-up gatherings! Add a splash of funky color to casual events like barbecues while sipping on cool summer drinks. RICE acrylic glassware injects a dose of flair into any celebration. 

    But wait, there's more! Our acrylic drinking glasses aren't just for beverages - they're also perfect for serving up tasty treats. Fill them with colorful candies or snacks to delight your guests.  

    In the mood for a dash of artistic creativity? Use these versatile glasses as vases for small flowers and watch your party come alive with endless possibilities! 

    Enhance your celebrations with elegant RICE acrylic champagne flutes 

    Hosting a glamorous event, counting down to the New Year, or wanting to add a touch of flair to your family Sunday lunch? Our acrylic champagne flutes are your go-to choice for a vibrant twist while indulging in delightful sparkling beverages.  

    These sophisticated acrylic champagne glasses, featuring stunning embossed details and a crystal-like appearance, are equally fabulous for drinking your favorite cocktails, whether it's a Piña Colada, Mojito, Margarita, or anything else your heart desires. 

    Also, let your creativity shine by serving homemade chocolate pudding or flavorful and appealing crispy breadsticks in stunning RICE acrylic champagne flutes. 

    Our acrylic champagne glassware masterfully blends vintage charm with contemporary grace, making them the ultimate party companion. Raise a toast in style with RICE acrylic champagne glass and create unforgettable memories, one sip at a time. 

    Our exquisite acrylic wine glasses for your special occasions and everyday use 

    Wine has long been a favorite choice for celebrating life's precious moments, be it red, white, or rosé.  

    The magical sound of clinking glasses during toasts and well-wishes is a cherished moment we all adore. To make these occasions even more memorable, it's crucial to pick not only the ideal wine but also the perfect glasses that create a visually captivating experience. 

    RICE acrylic wine glasses offer a fun and versatile twist on traditional glassware, and thanks to their durable material, these glasses are a splendid choice for garden parties and picnics, too. 

    You can also use our acrylic wine glasses to serve delightful ice cream topped with chocolate drizzle or fruit, or fill them with charming little ornaments to create eye-catching party decorations. 

    Mix and match our acrylic drinking, champagne, and wine glasses with our unique and joyful ceramic, melamine and porcelain tableware to design a truly stunning, breathtaking, and one-of-a-kind table setting. Cheers to extraordinary celebrations with RICE acrylic glassware!  

    Discover our fun and cheerful range of similar products 

    Who said that drinking your favorite beverage has to be boring? At RICE, we believe that every sip should be a fun and enjoyable experience! That's why we've created a range of playful and cheerful products like our funky cups to make your refreshment routine more exciting. 

    Our charming jugs come in both acrylic and ceramic options, making them the perfect addition to your table decor. You can even use our beautiful ceramic jugs as vases for your gorgeous flowers! 

    We also understand that getting kids to drink healthy beverages like green smoothies and herbal teas can be a challenge. To make it easier, we've created a range of drinking cups with joyful colors and happy prints, including alphabet cups that bring an element of fun and learning to their drink time while also promoting healthy habits. 

    Keep your kids hydrated on the go with RICE drinking bottles, featuring lively patterns such as lovely floral and cute animal prints. These funky designs are not just for kids, you can choose them for yourself too! 

    Experience the joy of drinking with our range of playful products and add some fun and color to your daily routine. 

    Are acrylic glasses good? 

    Absolutely! Acrylic glasses are durable, lightweight, and stylish, making them an excellent choice for any occasion. 

    How safe are acrylic drinking glasses? 

    Acrylic drinking glasses are a safe choice, as they are made from BPA-free materials, ensuring that your beverages remain free from harmful chemicals for a healthy drinking experience. 

    Can acrylic glasses go in the dishwasher? 

    Certainly! Acrylic glasses are dishwasher-safe; however, to maintain their pristine, crystal-like appearance, we suggest opting for a gentle hand wash. 

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