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    Melamine Latte Spoon - Kids Face Print-1
    Melamine Latte Spoon - Kids Face Print-2
    Melamine Latte Spoon - Kids Face Print
    154,95 kr
    Melamine Teaspoon - Kids Face Print-1
    Melamine Teaspoon - Kids Face Print-2
    Melamine Teaspoon - Kids Face Print
    124,95 kr
    Silicone Cutlery - Soft Pink-1
    Silicone Cutlery - Soft Pink
    149,95 kr
    Silicone Cutlery - Soft Blue-1
    Silicone Cutlery - Soft Blue
    149,95 kr
    Chopsticks - Soft Yellow-1
    Chopsticks - Soft Yellow
    25,95 kr
    Chopsticks - Pink-1
    Chopsticks - Pink
    25,95 kr
    Chopsticks - Apple Green-1
    Chopsticks - Apple Green
    25,95 kr
    Chopsticks - Fuchsia-1
    Chopsticks - Fuchsia
    25,95 kr
    Chopsticks - Mint-1
    Chopsticks - Mint
    25,95 kr
    Chopsticks - Dusty Blue-1
    Chopsticks - Dusty Blue
    25,95 kr
    Our selection of kids’ tableware is all about cups, plates and cutlery in lots of cute animal prints and amazing colors… All our kids’ tableware intended for food and beverages are tested food safe according to both Danish and EU standards – and of course the quality of our RICE melamine is the highest available and this is of great importance to us! Do your kids a favor and make everyday more fun with our beautiful selection of RICE tableware for the kids… cute prints and lovely colors… we call it everyday magic!
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