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    Glass Candle Holder - Pink-1
    Glass Candle Holder - Pink-2
    Glass Candle Holder - Pink
    249,95 kr
    Glass Candle Holder - Brown-1
    Glass Candle Holder - Brown-2
    Glass Candle Holder - Brown
    229,95 kr
    Ceramic Candle Holder - Red-1
    Ceramic Candle Holder - Red
    149,95 kr
    Ceramic Candle Holder - Red-1
    Ceramic Candle Holder - Red
    149,95 kr
    Large Angel Ceramic Candle Holder - Pink-1
    Large Angel Ceramic Candle Holder - Pink-2
    Large Angel Ceramic Candle Holder - Pink
    129,95 kr
    Large Angel Ceramic Candle Holder - Soft Blue-1
    Large Angel Ceramic Candle Holder - Soft Blue-2
    Large Angel Ceramic Candle Holder - Soft Blue
    129,95 kr
    Small Metal Candle Holder - Mint-1
    Small Metal Candle Holder - Mint-2
    Small Metal Candle Holder - Mint
    169,95 kr
    Large Metal Candle Holder - Green-1
    Large Metal Candle Holder - Green-2
    Large Metal Candle Holder - Green
    169,95 kr

    Truly unique line of candle holders from RICE

    Ready to bring a dash of charming and funky uniqueness to your home ambiance? Each piece in our collection of candle holders has been thoughtfully curated to resonate with those seeking a truly distinctive touch in their home decor. 

    From interesting shapes and different sizes to an enchanting palette of colors and details and materials, we've got you covered for a delightful selection experience! These striking accessories are all about amplifying the cozy vibes, casting a soft, flickering candlelight that transforms any room into a warm and comfy space.

    Perfect for revamping your table settings, elevating the appeal of your home, or as lovely gifts to surprise your friends, our candle holders are your go-to for that perfect touch of uniqueness. 

    Explore our interestingly and distinctively shaped candle holders

    Welcome to an extraordinary world where candle holders break the mold of the conventional! 

    As you dive into our collection, you'll encounter a quirky metal candle holder taking the form of a palm tree, shimmering in a luxurious golden hue. 

    Fancy something cuter? How about our charming ceramic candle holder, styled after a red mushroom? For those in love with angelic elegance, our angel candle holder awaits, draped in soft hues of baby pink and tranquil blue to create an enchanting dining atmosphere. 

    We also introduce an element of fun with our decidedly unique croissant candle holder, imbuing your setting with that added splash of RICE funky flair.

    And let's not forget our disco ball shaped candle holders, designed in soothing colors like mint green and gentle pink, adorned with hand-painted flowers - an epitome of uniqueness! 

    Explore the colorful and unique world of candle holders like no other. At RICE, we are anything but ordinary!

    How RICE candle holders enhance your home decor

    Whether your style leans towards modern, rustic, vintage, or eclectic, our metal and small ceramic candle holders effortlessly blend into various design aesthetics, enriching the overall visual appeal of your space.

    From placing them individually to clustering them together for a captivating centerpiece or arranging them in a linear fashion, the possibilities are endless. 

    Imagine the charm our candle holders can bring to every nook and cranny of your home. 

    Adorn your living room by placing them on cupboards, bookshelves, coffee and side tables, or even on the fireplace mantel if you're fortunate to have one. Don't limit their magic to just the living room – these versatile accents can enhance the ambiance in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, creating a soothing atmosphere for a relaxing bath.

    Hosting a kids' birthday party or special occasions like Christmas or Easter? Our candle holders are perfect for adding a playful touch to table settings and decorations. Let your imagination run wild and personalize your displays to reflect your unique style.

    High quality and craftsmanship in our captivating candle holders

    We believe that it's the small details that make a big difference.

    Each ceramic and metal candle holder from RICE is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, boasting intricate details and unique shapes. They effortlessly become focal points in any space, infusing it with visual interest and a dash of playfulness. 

    What sets RICE candle holders apart is the extraordinary level of artistry that goes into their creation. Many of our candle holders feature hand-painted details, such as delicate flowers on our metal candle holders, which actually makes them to be truly one-of-a-kind. 

    By incorporating hand-painted elements, we celebrate the artistry and individuality that make our candle holders truly exceptional. These carefully applied details infuse each piece with character and personality, ensuring that your candle holder becomes a statement piece in your home.

    Whether you're planning a romantic dinner or simply want to cozy up your living room, our candle holders will infuse your surroundings with a sense of uniqueness and warmth.

    Sculpting your desired home ambiance with RICE diverse product line

    At RICE, we understand that a truly unique and captivating home decor goes beyond our charming candle holders, and we've crafted a whole range of stunning pieces to help you create your very own, funky and colorful living space.

    Imagine this: your striking metal candle holder sitting comfortably next to a beautiful ceramic vase, bloomed with fresh, aromatic flowers on your living room side table. 

    Nestled on the sofa are our cozy, vibrantly hued cushions, adding an extra layer of comfort and visual delight to your lounge. 

    To achieve that perfect balance of light and funky, opt for our ultra-cool lamps, which serve not just as a functional lighting solution but also a trendy decor item. 

    Now, let's talk about organization! Our raffia storage baskets, adorned with delightful patterns and steeped in natural tones, make it a breeze to keep your home tidy, organized, and exuding warm vibes.

    Navigating our user-friendly website is a breeze, and with a secure payment system and quick delivery, shopping with us is an absolute delight! 

    Give your home the RICE touch today, starting with our beautifully designed candle holders. Light up your space with style and charm!


    Do candles need candle holders?

    Yes! Candle holders not only enhance the beauty of the candles but also ensure safety by preventing accidental fires. They make the burning process controlled and safer.

    What are good materials for candle holders?

    Metal is highly durable and heat-resistant, providing a safe platform for burning candles. Ceramics, on the other hand, offer a beautiful aesthetic and are also heat-resistant. Both materials contribute to a long-lasting, safe, and visually appealing candle-burning experience.

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