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    Round Raffia Storage Basket - Soft Pink
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    Small Raffia Storage Basket - Natural
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    Small Raffia Storage Basket - Natural
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    Extra Large Raffia Storage Basket - Purple
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    Large Raffia Storage Basket - Purple
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    Large Raffia Storage Basket - Pink
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    Raffia Storage Basket - Natural
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    Round Raffia Storage Basket - Natural
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    Large Elephant Raffia Storage Basket - Natural
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    Raffia Storage Basket - Soft Pink
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    Raffia Storage Basket - Tea
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    Raffia Storage Basket - Mint
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    Raffia Storage Basket - Blue
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    Raffia Storage Basket - Natural
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    Large Raffia Storage Basket - Soft Green
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    Raffia Storage Basket - Natural
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    Storage baskets

    We believe that a home should be a happy and vibrant place, filled with items that bring you joy to early mornings. Simple as that.

    Our philosophy is centered around three core values: fun, funkiness, and functionality! Our products, from wicker to woven storage baskets, are designed to add a touch of playfulness to your everyday routine. Our vibrant colors and bold patterns are made to bring a smile to your face!

    And functionality is at the core of everything we do. We understand that our customers lead busy lives, and we design our products with practicality in mind. RICE’s wicker storage baskets are not only beautiful but also useful. Designed to make your life effortless.

    Explore the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics with RICE - because who says you have to sacrifice one for the other (just take a look at our large rectangular storage baskets)? So, let's dive a little deeper into our raffia storage baskets collections and see how we can help you organize in style! 

    Multi practical wicker storage baskets 

    Our selection of storage is both practical, functional and gorgeous to look at… Our baskets are sure to cover exactly your needs… great for office supplies and books, for cushions, quilts and blankets, or for all that knick knack that you never know what to do with. Our storage baskets are perfect for organizing and creating nice structures in your living space… or maybe just for that quick clean up two minutes before the guests arrive. Our raffia storage baskets can be found in great number of colors and shapes… whether you are looking for a square basket to fit your shelves or a tall basket for that empty corner in your living room, we have it all – no matter style and taste. Did you know that all of our raffia baskets and bags are all handmade in Madagascar? Lots of heart goes into these products – and the production supports more than 300 families on the Red Island.

    The process of making large storage baskets starts with selecting the appropriate materials and weaving them together to create the shape and size we desire. Our skilled artisans use traditional techniques to create intricate patterns and designs of our raffia storage baskets! The outcome is unique and beautiful multi practical wicker storage baskets perfect for your home.

    After weaving, small storage baskets (same as the large ones!) are trimmed and finished to ensure that they're both functional and aesthetically pleasing.This includes smoothing any rough edges and adding any necessary handles or closures.

    Once our wicker storage baskets are finished, they're thoroughly inspected to ensure that they meet our high standards of quality and durability. This attention to detail ensures that every RICE storage basket is not only beautiful but also functional and long-lasting.

    Needless to say - our raffia storage baskets are made with great care and craftsmanship. And all that to make life for our customers a bit more enjoyable and funky!

    Life saving kitchen storage baskets

    At RICE, we're all about making your storage solutions practical and fun! Hey, even the kitchen, which many of us consider a sacred place, needs to be functional as much as it’s beautiful. It's all about finding that perfect balance! Our kitchen storage products are made with natural materials and silicone.

    We've got everything you need to organize your kitchen, from multi practical round storage baskets to kitchen storage baskets! Plus, with our playful and colorful designs, you can add a touch of personality to your space and make cooking even more enjoyable!

    And the best part? We care about the environment just as much as we care about your kitchen. That's why we use sustainable materials in our production process, so you can feel good about using our products. No reason not to put your favorite tableware cups in one of these fun and funky baskets! And If you opt for any products in our collections, like woven storage baskets or wicker storage baskets with lids, don’t worry - we’ve made sure it’s safe for your usage! 

    What are RICE storage baskets made of?

    RICE storage baskets are made of sustainable materials like seagrass, bamboo, and raffia, adding a touch of personality to any room.

    Are RICE storage baskets easy to clean?

    Yes, RICE storage baskets are easy to clean. Wipe seagrass baskets, clean bamboo with mild soap and water.

    Are RICE storage baskets stackable?

    Yes, some RICE storage baskets can be stacked for practical and stylish storage. Check the product description or contact the manufacturer to confirm.

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