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    Medium Raffia Storage House - Soft Pink - Jungle Theme
    639,95 kr
    Large Raffia Storage House - Natural - Jungle Theme
    739,95 kr
    Small Raffia Storage Basket - Natural - Pink &
    199,95 kr
    Small Raffia Storage Basket - Natural - Blue &
    199,95 kr
    Small Raffia Storage Basket - Natural - Happy Rasberry Design
    299,95 kr
    Medium Raffia Storage Basket - Natural - Happy Watermelon Design
    549,95 kr
    Large Raffia Storage Basket - Natural - Happy Cherries Design
    649,95 kr
    Small Raffia Storage Basket - Natural - Race Car Design
    299,95 kr
    Medium Raffia Storage Basket - Natural
    549,95 kr
    Large Raffia Storage Basket - Natural
    649,95 kr
    Round Raffia Storage Basket - Soft Green
    329,95 kr
    Round Raffia Storage Basket - Soft Pink
    329,95 kr
    Small Raffia Storage Basket - Natural
    199,95 kr
    Small Raffia Storage Basket - Natural
    199,95 kr
    Large Raffia Storage Basket - Pink
    549,95 kr
    Large Raffia Storage House - Pastel Green - Jungle Theme
    739,95 kr
    Small Raffia Storage House - Blue - Animal Theme
    439,95 kr
    Medium Raffia Storage House - Green - Animal Theme
    639,95 kr
    Small Raffia Storage House - Green - Circus Theme
    439,95 kr
    Medium Raffia Storage House - Grey - Circus Theme
    639,95 kr
    Large Raffia Storage House - Petrol - Circus Theme
    739,95 kr
    Large Elephant Raffia Storage Basket - Natural
    549,00 kr

    From boring cleanup to fun playtime with storage baskets and houses for kids

    RICE storage is essential and useful in your kids’ room. The products are funky, functional and colorful – in the true RICE spirit! Most of our storage is made in raffia, which is a natural material and perfect for kids! Who says that storage is boring, when it can be exploring and fun! Our RICE-storage is made in cute themes for the kids… animal prints, letters, cars – and we promise that all of them are fun and exciting to look at! We turn clean-up into a fairytale with our selection of storage... and who doesn’t love a happy fairytale?

    Transforming toy chaos into creative order with RICE children's storage solutions

    We all love the delightful sounds of our children's laughter echoing through our homes as they dive into the boundless universe of their toys. But when the day's adventures are over, we're often left navigating a sea of scattered toys and a house that appears to have hosted a mini carnival.

    Juggling the joy of imaginative playtime and the peacefulness of a well-ordered home can seem like an impossible magic trick. We know that kids need the space to unfurl their creativity, to dash and dive into their ever-evolving games. But hey, we also appreciate a tidy space that whispers tranquility and functionality, don't we?

    RICE is here to redefine storage with a twist of fun! We've created a collection that sparkles with the same zest as your little one's favorite playthings. 

    Who ever declared that a storage basket or storage house for kids should be boring ? Not us at RICE! We're convinced that these storage solutions should be as thrilling and enticing as the treasures they tuck away.

    Our cool and functional storage solutions for children ensure that maintaining order in your home becomes a creative and fun adventure.

    Find a stunningly practical storage basket for kids 

    We've got a lot of fun and functional storage baskets for kids to show you. Our collection is bright, cute, and so exciting, it'll be hard to choose just one!

    Whether they're square or round, these baskets are splashed with joyous hues and prints, from adorable alphabets to fun fruity designs and more. They come in dazzling colors, including sweet bubblegum pink, refreshing minty green, and natural tones. You can also choose a children's storage basket in engaging animal shapes, such as a lovely elephant, or a happy lion.

    Every single storage basket for kids in our collection radiates the unique, jazzy charm of RICE's playful design. You bet your little ones will be head over heels for these funky organizers!

    But these baskets aren't just for show - they're super handy too! They're perfect for storing all your kiddo's beloved bits and bobs - toys, snuggly blankets, cozy cushions, children's books, and more. And here's a fun twist - these baskets can double up as stylish plant holders too!

    No matter which storage basket for kids you pick, they're all undeniably a delightful addition to your home!

    Pick a cool storage house for children

    This isn't just any storage house for kids, it is a mini RICE world filled with joy and fun that your little ones will love.

    They are designed in lots of great colors like flamingo pink, sky blue, lovely red, and dreamy lavender. And the prints are super fun, ranging from animal prints featuring party, jungle, and undersea adventures to themes like circus, castle, and more.

    Our storage houses for kids come in a variety of sizes, from small and medium to large ones, perfect for every child's storage needs.

    With their closed designs, these storage houses for children are great at hiding messes. Stash away the toys, or even transform them into the little shoe closets right at your entrance. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to an organized, tidy space!

    But wait, there's more! Our storage items for kids are lovingly handmade, making them unique. Now, isn't that something special? So with every storage basket or house you pick, you're not just getting a practical storage solution, you're bringing home a one-of-a-kind treasure.

    Explore a world of kids' products at RICE

    Get ready for more fun! We have lots more cool stuff for kids at RICE, and many can be used to store things.

    Check out our cool cups and bowls. They're not just for snacks. Imagine them as bright and cheerful homes for your kids' crayons and markers - sounds fun, right? You can also find many other cute items in our tableware collection for kids

    Have you seen our adorable raffia bags? They're not just bags - they're great for holding all kinds of kids' stuff, from toys to books.

    We also offer a delightful assortment of other practical items, including lunch boxes adorned with happy and joyful designs, perfect for storing sandwiches, fruits, and snacks for your little ones.

    And, we're all about making your shopping experience quick, easy, and secure. We work hard to get your orders to you as fast as we can. Plus, you can shop with peace of mind on our website. We have a secure payment system, so your information is always safe.

    Join the RICE family by choosing our funky products, such as children's storage solutions, where fun, function, and sustainability come together!

    What do you put in a storage basket?

    In a storage basket for kids, you can put toys, books, art supplies, puzzles, stuffed animals, and many other items.

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