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    Cotton Runner - Multicolor
    699,95 kr
    Large Cotton Carpet - Multicolor
    2.999,95 kr
    Large Cotton Carpet - Aubergine
    1.499,95 kr
    Cotton Carpet - Lavender
    899,95 kr
    Cotton Carpet - Aubergine
    599,95 kr

    Cotton rugs and carpets at RICE 

    Step into a world where your floors can be funky too with our delightful range of cotton rugs and carpets at RICE! Every piece is thoughtfully crafted to blend style with functionality, ensuring your spaces not only look great but feel cozy as well.  

    Infuse each step with comfort and a dash of vibrant charm as our welcoming threads lay beneath your feet. Let's explore our collection of cotton rugs and see how they can transform every nook and cranny of your home into a snug, inviting space. 

    High-quality cotton rugs 

    Our cotton rugs exemplify high-quality craftsmanship, combining tradition with contemporary design. Wondering if they're soft? Without a doubt. Cozy? You bet. And they add just the right touch of warmth to any space. 

    But what makes cotton such a superstar for rugs? Cotton boasts a natural resilience, which means it can endure daily wear and tear with grace. Its great durability ensures that your rug remains a timeless piece in your living space, gracefully aging without losing its charm.  

    Beyond its toughness, cotton is a gentle companion for your feet. Stepping onto our cotton carpet feels like a warm embrace, a comforting sensation that welcomes you home. 

    Furthermore, for our entire textile range, we set top-tier standards. We never compromise on quality, be it for our cotton rugs or our charming cushions

    In producing these textiles, we prioritize recycling and minimizing material wastage – an approach we take great pride in! 

    Versatility in shapes and sizes 

    Our diverse and funky collection boasts cotton rugs in different shapes and sizes, designed to suit any space in your home. 

    Fancy a large cotton rug in that classic rectangular shape to elevate floors in your spacious living room? We have the perfect piece for you: a stunning large cotton carpet in aubergine with an off-white design, complemented by a petite leather tag. 

    Or maybe you're eyeing that adorable small round cotton rug? Yep, it's waiting for you. Big, medium, or small, we've got the perfect size to choose from. 

    Whether your space is grand or cozy, expansive or compact, we have the ideal cotton rug to elevate and complement every corner of your home. From large living areas to intimate reading nooks, from bedrooms to hallways, our cotton carpets seamlessly blend in. 

    Vivid colors and artistic designs of our cotton carpets 

    Our cotton rugs are more than just floor coverings - they're expressions of art. Think rustic charm meets fun-filled funkiness, sprinkled with a dash of eclectic flair and painted in delightful color combinations. 

    Fancy a splash of pink underfoot? Our pink cotton rug is calling your name. Or perhaps the tranquil allure of lavender blue? Maybe the playful statement of a striped cotton rug? Or the lovely pattern and texture of a woven cotton rug? We've got it all! 

    And guess what? Our cotton carpets come adorned with lovely tassels on ends, boosting their charm factor! 

    Also, don't worry about matching with your floors, whether it’s hardwood in dark or light shades or tiles; our designs fit seamlessly. 

    Now, picture this: a round cotton rug in blush-pink, edged with dark green trim, and adorned with jolly Santas all over. This small cotton rug is ideal for nestling under your Christmas tree, adding a touch of stylish, fun, and funky flair to your festive celebrations. 

    So, when it’s time to redefine your home space and infuse some personality with a new cotton carpet for the living room, our RICE collection stands ready. Welcome home to vibrant elegance! 

    Explore our other products for your home 

    While our cotton rugs and textiles undoubtedly add a splash of style, there's a whole world of funky home goodies waiting for you in our collection! 

    Ever thought about fun and chic ways to keep your knick-knacks? Then, explore our storage collection. From cute storage houses in vibrant hues and patterns - perfect for kiddos' rooms to keep toys and books neat - to our handcrafted seagrass storage basket shaped like an elephant, we've got variety.  

    For the minimalist in you, our chic round baskets in tranquil hues with pop of lovely details offer both beauty and functionality. Use them for laundry, clothing items and accessories, or even as unique plant holders – just pop a saucer in! 

    But wait, there's more! Dance into a rainbow with our melamine collection. Bowls, plates, and especially our melamine cups in Sweet Hearts print are a favorite choice for many. They're lightweight but sturdy, and oh-so-stylish. Whether you use them as everyday drinking cups for both kids and adults, bring them on picnics, or store pencils, crayons, or even fresh flowers in them, they serve multiple purposes. 

    Plus, with a secure payment system, fast delivery, and a 30-day return policy, shopping for our charming cotton carpets or other products with our funky and functional flair is pretty convenient and simple. Dive in and embrace the funky coziness in your home! 

    What is the use of cotton rugs? 

    Cotton rugs are used to enhance the decor of a space, provide comfort underfoot, and protect flooring from wear and tear. They're lightweight, versatile, and suitable for various rooms in the home. 

    How to maintain a cotton rug? 

    It's best to spot clean any stains or spills immediately. For general upkeep, give it a regular shake to remove dust and debris. Always avoid harsh chemicals or soaking the rug. 

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