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    Cotton Quilt - Multicolor
    599,95 kr
    Cotton Quilt - Sand
    599,95 kr
    Cotton Throw - Soft Pink - Tie-dye
    299,95 kr
    Cotton Bed Sheet - Red
    2.499,95 kr
    Cotton Bed Sheet - Soft Pink
    2.499,95 kr
    Cotton Quilt - Soft Pink
    1.499,95 kr
    Cotton Bed Sheet - White
    2.499,95 kr
    Cotton Quilt - White
    1.499,95 kr
    Cotton Throw - Green - Tie-dye
    299,95 kr

    We can almost see the wide grin on your face, it's like you already know what's coming up. And if you don't, get ready to be smitten with some seriously snug goodness – our beautiful cotton blanket from RICE.

    Crafted with a perfect balance of love, skill, and dedication, these beauties are your best buddies on a chilly evening, your solace after a long day, your cocoon of comfort, and sometimes, they even act as your shield during those intense movie marathons. 

    Edgy, funky, and loaded with personality, these aren't your grandma's blankets (although, we bet she'd love them too).

    With RICE, we're all about keeping it authentic and well-made. Our cotton blanket is spun from the softest cotton, each strand meticulously chosen and woven to create a textile wonder that's as durable as it is delightful. If you've been dreaming about snuggling into a cloud, you've just hit the jackpot.

    Cotton blanket colorama: unleashing vibrancy

    Bursting with personality, our RICE cotton blankets add that extra dash of delight to your favorite spaces. Picture this: you're lounging on your couch, a funky pink and green striped cotton throw for the sofa draped over you, adding a layer of snuggly warmth and vibrant fun to your relaxation time. 

    Isn't it just perfect for a laid-back evening at home or a summer night outdoors? 

    Not to forget, it doubles up as a lovely bedcover, transforming your bed into an inviting oasis of comfort. At 140 x 200 cm, it's just the large cotton throw you need!

    But hey, we totally get it if stripes aren't your thing. How about blossoming into comfort with our soft quilt featuring a cute flower print? 

    Whether you're cozied up on your couch or bundled up outside on a cool summer evening, this large cotton blanket works like a charm. And, it makes for a beautiful bedcover too! Measuring 140 x 200 cm, it offers ample coverage and pure cottony goodness.

    Now, if you're someone who loves walking on the sunnier side of the street, you're going to adore our cotton blanket with funky yellow and lavender colored stripes. It's the perfect cotton throw for your sofa, a warmth-giver on a summer evening outside, and a trendy bedcover. 

    Just like its siblings, this 140 x 200 cm large cotton throw promises to fill your days and nights with comfort and color.

    Our cotton throws textile journey

    Creating a RICE cotton blanket is a journey of art, passion, and focus on reducing material waste. Our dedication to reducing material waste and recycling shines brightly in our textile production process. Imagine this - our cotton throws are not only warm and comfortable, they're also kind to our planet! And that's a cause we're immensely proud of.

    We know the charm of a blanket lies in its fabric. That's why our textile journey involves exploring various materials to craft the perfect cotton throw for your sofa, your bed, or any space you wish to cozy up.  

    Whether you pick our large cotton throw adorned with pink and green stripes or our large cotton blanket blooming with flower prints, you can rest assured knowing it's born out of a love for comfort, color, and high focus on recycling - a sustainable approach we are proud of!

    Just like every fabric has its own personality, they also have their own care routines. And we wouldn't want our darling blankets to be treated any less than they deserve! So, to ensure your cotton blanket continues to offer you the warmth and comfort it's designed for, we always recommend following the cleaning instructions. 

    It's our way of helping your favorite cotton throws enjoy a long, vibrant, and snuggly life. RICE is all about creating well-made blankets.

    The fun of mixing & matching

    Talk about versatility! Our RICE cotton blanket is not just about cozy comfort, they're style chameleons, too! Picture our funky striped cotton throw for the sofa, draped over a chair, complementing our vibrant plates. 

    Or imagine snuggling under our floral print large cotton blanket, basking in the soft candlelight reflecting off our unique vases.

    Planning an outdoor soiree? Our yellow and lavender striped large cotton throw pairs perfectly with our artisan candle holders, quirky plates, all snugly packed in our rustic raffia baskets.

    Our cotton throws are more than comfort essentials; they're decor accessories that harmonize brilliantly with different collections. Style, meet functionality. Now go ahead, mix, match, and let your RICE style shine!

    How should I care for my RICE cotton blanket?

    Our cotton blankets are easy to care for, but they do need some love. To ensure they live a long and vibrant life, we recommend washing them at 30 °C and skipping the tumble drying. Just follow the cleaning instructions that come with each blanket, and they'll continue to provide you with comfort and style for years to come.

    Can I use my RICE cotton blanket outdoors?

    Absolutely! Our large cotton throws are designed for versatility. Whether you're lounging on your sofa, picnicking in the park, or warming up on a cool summer night, your RICE cotton blanket is your perfect companion. Just remember to take care of it according to the cleaning instructions to maintain its freshness and vibrancy.

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