Melamina Vaso - Rosa suave

Melamine Cup - Soft Pink-1
Melamine Cup - Soft Pink-2
Melamine Cup - Soft Pink-3

Melamina Vaso - Rosa suave

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The popular medium RICE melamine cup with the cutest white floral print on a wonderful pink background. Inside, the cup is elegant cream coloured. The cup is one of our favourite items... Use it for anything you would like to - as a drinking mug, for pencils or knick-knacks, take it on a picnic or use it for beautiful flowers and herbs. Be creative and use it as you like - the sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless...
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The cup is made of melamine - a practical, durable and essential material for weekdays, celebrations, picnics and more. At RICE, we focus on food safety and sustainability, and our melamine is of the highest quality, recyclable and free from bisphenol A and phthalates - we love the material and its endless possibilities... You can always find more information about our melamine and other materials at "Experience RICE" and "Product Information". The cute floral print can easily be mixed and matched with other colours and prints - so if you are (like we are) absolutely crazy about white flowers with a pink background, then take a look at our other beautiful items.

Melamine is super practical... High quality, durable, longevity - and you can put it in the dishwasher! Recognize your rice melamine product on the RICE hologram to ensure you get the original RICE quality. Melamine products are not suitable for microwave.

* Product descriptions and information are subject to defects, changes, sold-out or discontinued items.

Materiale Melamine
Volumen (ML) 300
Unit height (cm) 9.0
Diameter 9.0
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