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    Seagrass Lampshade - Natural-1
    Seagrass Lampshade - Natural-2
    Algas Marinas Pantalla de lámpara - Natural
    239,95 kr
    Seagrass Lampshade - Lavender-1
    Seagrass Lampshade - Lavender-2
    Algas Marinas Pantalla de lámpara - Lavanda
    239,95 kr
    Small Round Lampshade - Dark Lavender-1
    Small Round Lampshade - Dark Lavender-2
    Small Redondo Pantalla de lámpara - Lavanda oscuro
    99,95 kr
    Medium Round Lampshade - Gold-1
    Medium Round Lampshade - Gold-2
    Medium Redondo Pantalla de lámpara - Dorado
    149,95 kr
    Large Round Lampshade - Dark Green-1
    Large Round Lampshade - Dark Green-2
    Large Redondo Pantalla de lámpara - Verde oscuro
    199,95 kr
    Flower Cotton Lampshade - Soft Pink-1
    Flower Cotton Lampshade - Soft Pink-2
    Algodón Pantalla de lámpara - Rosa
    499,95 kr
    Flower Cotton Lampshade - Green-1
    Flower Cotton Lampshade - Green-2
    Flor Algodón Pantalla de lámpara - Verde
    499,95 kr
    Large Metal Lamp - Soft Pink-1
    Large Metal Lamp - Soft Pink-2
    Large Metal Lámpara - Rosa
    1.099,95 kr
    Large Metal Lamp - Gold-1
    Large Metal Lamp - Gold-2
    Large Metal Lámpara - Dorado
    1.099,95 kr
    Large Metal Lamp - Gold-1
    Large Metal Lámpara - Dorado
    799,95 kr
    Small Cotton Lampshade - Green-1
    Pequeña Pantalla de lámpara de Algodón - Verde
    Precio de oferta 149,40 kr Precio habitual 249,00 kr Ahorra 40%
    Small Eiffel Tower Aluminum Lamp - Gold-1
    Small Torre Eiffel Aluminio Lámpara - Dorado
    799,95 kr
    Sometimes it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel… but with our selection of lighting, we make sure that you will have lots of bright moments and will never be alone in the dark!

    We offer lighting, lamps and lampshades in fun, funky and unique shapes! For your table, your floors, your ceiling… lamps for every need! Create the ultimate cozy atmosphere with a funky table lamp or an amazing ceiling lamp – they are sure to RICE up your home… because they are not just lamps – they are Everyday Magic!
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