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    Book - Flower Me Happy - English-1
    Buch - Mehrfarbig
    169,95 kr
    Parrot Pencil - Pink-1
    Holz Stift - Pink
    20,00 kr
    Parrot Pencil - Blue-1
    Holz Stift - Blau
    20,00 kr
    Lobster Pencil - Red-1
    Lobster Pencil - Red-2
    Holz Stift - Rot
    20,00 kr
    Book - Happy Home - Engelsk-1
    Buch - Mehrfarbig
    149,00 kr
    Book - Happy Home Outside - Engelsk-1
    Buch - Mehrfarbig
    250,00 kr
    Keep track of your appointments, your deadlines or your weekly activities with a cute calendar… and with practical and funky notebook, you are sure to know exactly where to add that little note to your grocery shopping list. Have all your papers in one place with our gorgeous ring binders… all of it loaded with everyday magic in a true RICE-style. Who says that notes, homework and lists should be boring when it can loaded with lots of color and funkiness? Our RICE school supplies and paperware are just waiting to be written in… poetry, doodles or maybe serious stuff. Perfect for your kids’ school bags, or for you, who wants a little bit more fun in your everyday, on the go or at work… Use our RICE school supplies and paperware anywhere!
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