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    Ceramic Vase - Pink-1
    Ceramic Vase - Pink-2
    Ceramica Vaso - Rosa
    399,95 kr
    Small Ceramic Vase - Green-1
    Small Ceramic Vase - Green-2
    Piccolo Ceramica Vaso - Verde
    229,95 kr
    Ceramic Vase - Red-1
    Ceramic Vase - Red-2
    Ceramica Vaso - Rosso
    399,95 kr
    Ceramic Vase - Soft Pink-1
    Ceramic Vase - Soft Pink-2
    Ceramica Vaso - Rosa tenue
    249,95 kr
    Medium Ceramic Flower Pot - Aqua-1
    Medium Ceramic Flower Pot - Aqua-2
    Media Ceramica Vaso da fiori - Acqua
    399,95 kr
    Small Ceramic Flower Pot - Mint-1
    Small Ceramic Flower Pot - Mint-2
    Piccolo Ceramica Vaso da fiori - Menta
    279,95 kr
    Extra Large Ceramic Flower Pot - Pink-1
    Extra Large Ceramic Flower Pot - Pink-2
    Extra grande Ceramica Vaso da fiori - Rosa
    699,95 kr
    Glass Vase - Orange-1
    Glass Vase - Orange-2
    Vetro Vaso - Arancione
    169,95 kr
    Small Ceramic Vase - Cream-1
    Small Ceramic Vase - Cream-2
    Piccolo Ceramica Vaso - Crema
    299,95 kr
    Glass Vase - Pink-1
    Glass Vase - Pink-2
    Vetro Vaso - Rosa
    349,95 kr
    Small Ceramic Flower Pot - Aubergine-1
    Small Ceramic Flower Pot - Aubergine-2
    Piccolo Ceramica Vaso da fiori - Melanzana
    289,95 kr
    Ceramic Vase - Pink-1
    Ceramic Vase - Pink-2
    Ceramica Vaso - Rosa
    399,95 kr
    Extra Small Ceramic Vase - Brown-1
    Extra Small Ceramic Vase - Brown-2
    Extra piccolo Ceramica Vaso - Marrone
    149,95 kr
    Ceramic Vase - Green-1
    Ceramic Vase - Green-2
    Ceramica Vaso - Verde
    399,95 kr
    Ceramic Vase - Soft Yellow-1
    Ceramic Vase - Soft Yellow-2
    Ceramica Vaso - Giallo tenue
    399,95 kr
    Ceramic Vase - Green-1
    Ceramic Vase - Green-2
    Ceramica Vaso - Verde tenue
    399,95 kr
    Small Porcelain Jar - Soft Pink-1
    Small Porcelain Jar - Soft Pink-2
    Piccolo Ceramica Vaso da fiori - Rosa
    289,95 kr
    Ceramic Jug - Pink-1
    Ceramic Jug - Pink-2
    Grande Ceramica Brocca - Rosa tenue
    499,95 kr
    Large Ceramic Jug - Blue-1
    Grande Ceramica Brocca - Blu
    399,95 kr
    Ceramic Vase - Multi-1
    Ceramic Vase - Multi-2
    Ceramica Vaso - Menta
    399,95 kr
    Medium Metal Flower Pot - Soft Yellow-1
    Media Metallo Vaso da fiori - Giallo
    129,95 kr
    Flower Ceramic Vase - Green-1
    Flower Ceramic Vase - Green-2
    Ceramica Vaso - Multicolore
    399,95 kr
    Small Ceramic Vase - Pink-1
    Small Ceramic Vase - Pink-2
    Piccolo Ceramica Vaso - Rosa
    199,95 kr
    Large Ceramic Vase - Pink-3
    Large Ceramic Vase - Pink-4
    Grande Ceramica Vaso - Rosa
    229,95 kr
    Extra large Ceramic Jug - Mint-1
    Extra grande Ceramica Brocca - Blu tenue
    549,95 kr

    Your favorite blooms deserve our super lovely ceramic vases

    Step right in, flower enthusiasts and design lovers! Imagine the vibrant hues of fresh blooms paired with the equally spirited and one-of-a-kind design of a vase. Sounds delightful, right? Well, we've got something that will make your heart bloom with joy!

    Our lovely collection of ceramic vases boasts delightful patterns and a charming blend of funkiness and finesse. These super lovely ceramic vases for flowers are not just vessels for your favorite blooms, but a canvas for your creativity and style.

    Colorful spectacle and unique designs of ceramic vases from RICE

    Whether you're hunting for large ceramic vases to make a bold statement or small ceramic vases for that subtle touch, we've got the perfect piece to showcase your beautiful blooms.

    Our range of shapes is as diverse as it is delightful. Fancy a funky touch? How about a charming ceramic vase in the shape of a playful hippo or with a colorful bird that holds flowers? They are not only adorably quirky but also crafted to hold your flowers with flair. 

    For those who fancy a hint of nostalgia, our ceramic vases for flowers with cute lip details lend a vintage charm that's hard to resist!

    And oh, the colors! Our spectrum is a delight for the eyes – blush pink vases for that tender touch, serene light green and blue for tranquil vibes, nice yellow and orange for a splash of cheerfulness, and classic white for a touch of sophistication. Not to mention, our colorful combinations, replete with lovely details like floral ornaments that take the charm of these ceramic vases up a notch.

    So, why blend in when you can stand out? Make your next floral display a vibrant spectacle with our ceramic vases!

    More than just decor: the multifunctionality of our ceramic vases

    Our collection of ceramic vases goes beyond just being attractive homes for your fresh and dry floral arrangements. 

    Seeking a neat and charming place to store your pens or makeup brushes? Our small ceramic vases fit the bill perfectly. For those who value a unique twist to their serving ware, some of our large ceramic vases can even double up as unique jugs.

    The versatility of our ceramic vases extends to where you can place them in your home. 

    Whether it's adding a hint of color to your kitchen with pink vases, enhancing your living room's aesthetic with a statement ceramic piece, greeting your guests with a stylish touch in the hallway, or even adding a touch of refinement to your bathroom counter, our ceramic vases are as adaptable as they are beautiful.

    In short, from large to small, our ceramic vases blend functionality with style, serving multiple purposes while adding a dash of character to your space.

    The allure of ceramic: the perfect material for vases

    Ceramic, a time-honored material, offers a playground for the artist's imagination and meticulous craftsmanship. 

    Ceramic vases are known for their exceptional durability. They can stand the test of time and resist the wear and tear of daily use, all while maintaining their alluring appeal. 

    The appeal of ceramic vases for flowers from RICE is in their distinctive character, often accentuated by fun, funky and unique details. 

    Each piece exudes a unique personality, radiating a charm that can turn any room into a captivating space. The blend of vivid colors and exciting patterns on our ceramic vases is a visual treat and speaks volumes about the meticulous attention to detail that goes into crafting each piece.

    Further uplift your living space with our other home accessories

    Looking for a way to mix cozy comfort, your own unique style, and a bit of fun? Check out a bright collection of home accessories from RICE, which includes more than just our adorable ceramic vases.

    Picture yourself sinking into a soft cushion after a long day. Made with care, our cushions are perfect for turning your couch or bed into a cozy spot just for you.

    Light up your nights with our beautiful lamps and candle holders. Pick your favorite, light a candle, and watch your room fill with a warm, stylish glow. It's a sure way to impress your guests!

    Don't forget about keeping things neat! Our cool storage baskets, in lovely colors with fun details, make organizing your things easy and stylish. And, our range has many more delightful surprises in store for you.

    Step into our world of lively home accessories and transform your home to echo your distinct taste. Enjoy a secure and convenient shopping experience and claim your favorite RICE items today!

    What is the purpose of ceramic vases?

    The purpose of a ceramic vase is primarily to hold and display flowers, enhancing the beauty of both the blooms and the surrounding space. Their durable material and diverse designs also make them a popular choice for adding a decorative touch to homes or offices.

    Is ceramic better than glass?

    Ceramic is often favored over glass due to its durability. Unlike glass, ceramic is less likely to crack or break from minor impacts or drastic temperature changes. Additionally, ceramics offer a wider range of shapes, colors, and textures, enabling more unique and creative designs for aesthetic appeal.

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