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    Tall Melamine Cup - Green-1
    Tall Melamine Cup - Green
    79,95 kr
    Tall Melamine Cup - Blue-1
    Tall Melamine Cup - Blue
    79,95 kr
    Medium Melamine Cup - Pink-1
    Medium Melamine Cup - Pink-2
    Medium Melamine Cup - Pink
    44,95 kr
    Medium Melamine Cup - Fuchsia-1
    Medium Melamine Cup - Fuchsia-2
    Medium Melamine Cup - Fuchsia
    44,95 kr
    Medium Melamine Cup - Mint-1
    Medium Melamine Cup - Mint
    44,95 kr
    They are practical, functional and absolutely indispensable… the popular RICE cups. Maybe you have seen them before? Our RICE cups comes in soooo many great colors, patterns and sizes. The cups are amazing for drinking, for pencils, for knick knacks, for picnic or for beautiful flowers. Be creative and use the cups for exactly what fits you the best – only the sky is the limit… Most of our cups are melamine – a strong, durable and long-lasting material. Our melamine tableware is tested 100% food safe according to both Danish and EU laws and legislation. Mix our popular RICE cups with matching plates and utensils, and create everyday magic with a funky table setting.
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