- a tribute to flowers and the joy they bring.

The book is a labour of love - made as a collaboration between Charlotte Hedeman Guéniau and the very talented photographer and flower expert Mette Krull. Together they share a huge love for flowers - and always send each other florally inspired pictures and quotes.

Mette has already written a huge masterpiece of a book called "Garden Friends" and for Charlotte it is her 7th book - the others were cookbooks and books about interior and colorful living.

Our wish is to inspire you to be playful around flowers, follow your own rules... the book is a mix of how to style for parties, cooking with flowers, simple bouquets and over the top magical bundles of colorful joy - and hopefully just a visual vitamin injection.

Floral greetings
Charlotte Hedeman Guéniau & Mette Krull

Book - Flower Me Happy - English

Art. nr. BOOK-FLO
Book - Flower Me Happy - English-1

Book - Flower Me Happy - English

Art. nr. BOOK-FLO
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The perfect book for flower and color enthusiasts! Creative director and founder, Charlotte Guéniau, and stylist and photographer, Mette Krull, have made a tribute to the power of our floral friends. The book is brimming with gorgeous recipes with edible flowers and tips and tricks for creating a floral living space.


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